Self Healing and Discovery

It is a normal part of human development that at certain stages in our lives we need to re-invent or discover new parts of ourselves. It is also common in our culture that many people reach adulthood never really having had the opportunity to deeply reflect on what makes life most meaningful in a uniquely personal way.

When we are stuck living a life that is not in the deepest alignment with our knowing’s about ourselves and our deepest personal values then we may develop symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. Frequently the way out of these inner incongruities is to take regular time to listen to ourselves. Doing this inner exploration with an educated guide, such as a therapist, can help facilitate this process. In our fast paced life in the Bay Area it is way too easy to get caught in a treadmill of life and miss out on taking the time to allow ourselves to evolve internally.

If you want to learn more about how to get to a life that is filled with more contentment and satisfaction, then I can assist you in exploring your inner self through talk therapy, creative expression, mindfulness practices, and homework assignments. Some areas of yourself that you may be interested in exploring are listed below.

The Self and Relationships

Many of us end up in relationships that, though once meaningful and fulfilling, are no longer so. Decided how and if a relationship can be transformed to better meet our evolving selves or if we need to move on can be a heart-wrenching and soul-searching experience. It is often helpful to have the guidance of therapist during relational transition times.

5-surprising-benefits-of-holding-hands-for-ma-L-ngpXJ0The Self and Sexual Orientation

As our culture evolves to be more accepting and embracing to the reality of the diversity of ways that humans experience sexuality, more and more teens and adults are questioning their authentic sexual orientations. Having a safe, non-judgmental space for this exploration can allow for self-understanding before the vulnerable step of exploring sexuality in the social and relational world.

The Self and Gender Identity

Most of us never even think about the experience of gender as being something that our culture forms in us. Although the US culture has a history of teaching us about 2 distinct genders, other cultures have anywhere from 3-7 types of gender. Some of us are lucky enough to fit comfortable within the 2 US gender ‘boxes’ but many people feel that to be their true selves they need to live in a matter that is somewhere in the middle of the 2 ‘boxes’. In fact, not fitting into a US gender stereotype leads to many types of suffering in people of all ages. I have supported many people in exploring their gender and finding a way to live life that is internally congruent and a fit for their families and communities.

The Self and Spirituality

5f3a76052069e9c04ce33a134c17f9f7Most of us were raised with exposure to some sort of religion. Sometimes we are lucky and this exposure is a fit to what we need and yearn for spiritually in our adult lives but often as we mature we yearn for a spiritual practice and/or understanding that better fits our unique values and aspirations. Although I am not a Minister/Priest/Rabbi/Imam, I have studied many spiritual traditions from a psychological perspective in graduate school and on my own, and am comfortable creating a space for your spiritual exploration.

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