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HeadshotSession-Sarah.0004 Therapy that creates true change in the brain, the mind and the spirit is hard work! It takes vulnerability, trust and commitment. It is an intimate journey that has the most power when engaged honestly and fully.  Therapy requires dedication to yourself and usually means that a part of yourself holds a vision of a life that includes an increase in contentment, happiness, relational satisfaction, relief from painful emotional experiences, spiritual fulfillment and/or meaningful productivity. Therapy also requires courage and a willingness to explore parts of your experience and inner world that may remain unexplored or unexpressed to another person. As a therapist, I have the utmost respect for the commitment it takes to come to therapy and work hard. I work to create an environment in my office to support your own unique path to self-exploration.

In general, issues that are new to you may be helped with shorter term therapy whereas concerns that have spanned more time, and/or were highly traumatic in your life will require longer-term therapy for true, lasting change.

There are many methods and approaches used by psychotherapists depending on their level of training and personal preferences. PHD level therapists, Licensed Psychologists (what I am), receive extensive doctorate level training, usually focused on an in-depth understanding of the psyche and they also receive training on diagnosis and assessment. MFT level therapists often receive training more focused on family and couple issues and often include an emphasis on behavioral-oriented practices. Therapy, in general, can span a whole range of focuses from short-term behavior oriented therapy to long-term depth work such as psychoanalysis or existential-humanistic therapy and many things in-between. The modality that is the best fit for you depends on the issues that you wish to focus on and your personal inclinations.

Practice Details

Policies & Fees for therapy

HeadshotSession-Sarah.0005I am available for sessions during morning, afternoon and evening hours at various times throughout the work week. The best way to get started is for you to call or email me. At that point we can discuss your needs on the phone and decide when to schedule an appointment.
Alternatively if I feel you would be better served by another clinician, I can refer you to someone who better fits your needs.


I am not currently an in-network provider for any particular network, however, you may still be eligible and choose to pursue insurance reimbursement for all or part of my services depending on the details of your particular provider and policy.
I am committed to keeping our work completely confidential without the involvement of third parties whenever possible.
If you would like to pursue insurance support for our work together, then I would recommend that you call your provider and ask the following questions. When we meet we can then discuss details of billing.

Does my policy cover mental health benefits?

Does my plan include coverage for Out-of-Network providers?
How much does my plan cover for an Out-of-Network Provider?
What is my deductible and has it been met?
How many therapy sessions per calendar year does my plan cover?
What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
Is approval required from my primary care physician?


Credit card preferred; I also accept cash and checks.

Sliding Scale

I do not offer a sliding scale but I can provide services at a reduced rate in some extreme circumstances.

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