Being a Teen

Navigating the teen years is one of the most challenging stages in everyone’s life. The demands on our teens living in the Bay Area can be particularly intense due to the intense academic pressures and the complexity of our very diverse communities.

As a child navigates the ages of 13-24 into adulthood, all levels of their person are being transformed. During this time, the brain is completely ‘re-wired’, the body matures, hormonal balances shift, social environments evolve and the child/young adult faces learning in every area of life.

Even the most well intended parents are often overwhelmed with the demands of supporting their teens through these times. This young generation is faced with phenomena that are new influences such as an increase in bullying, eating disorders, unrealistic academic expectations, and cultural inter-mingling’s. These challenges make it uniquely difficult for this generation to feel safe and comfortable socially and in their bodies.

It is common for teens to face periodic symptoms of anxiety or depression as they traverse these years. Offering your teen a safe place with a competent adult to explore additional ways to navigate daily challenges can ease the challenge of these years and help your child to prepare for adulthood with more confidence and increased self-care skills.

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